#os x lion

While Jesus Diaz has a few good points (like the two-finger versus three-finger swipes depending on Launchpad versus Desktop), overall this reads like a bunch of nitpicks.

Yes, Lion does some things differently than Snow Leopard. Yes, some people won’t love all of them. But overall, I think the transition from Snow Leopard to Lion is going to be remarkably seamless for most users. It’s different, but it’s also familiar.

The most different thing is the inverse scrolling, which makes OS X more like iOS and will finally fix my brain when I switch between my devices. 

To mention Lion in the same sentence as Vista (which Diaz does in his intro) is ludicrous. 

When Diaz complains that Launchpad is “an extra click (or two or three)”, it’s pretty clear that he’s missing the bigger picture. The big move in Lion is the move from the click to the swipe. That is, the move from the mouse to multi-touch. And once you figure that out, it works. Quite beautifully, actually.

I have no actual knowledge of this, but Apple holding the new Macbook Air’s back until OS X Lion is ready to roll sounds about right to me. I think there will be enough people excited about OS X Lion that some percentage will use it as an excuse to buy a new computer. And what better time to buy than when Apple releases a new version of their best computer (the MacBook Air)?

Also remember, OS X Lion will only be available through the Mac App Store. There will be no way to buy it in Apple Stores. That is, unless you buy a new computer that comes pre-loaded with it…

So here’s some pretty definitive proof that 10.6.8 will be the last version before OS X 10.7 (Lion) hits. Again, I’d guess it’s a couple months away rather than at WWDC which is just about a week from now. Instead 10.6.8 may be distributed at that time, alongside a new RC build of Lion.

And yes, it obviously will be distributed through the Mac App Store, just like the developer builds have been.

Don’t really follow this. Apple has been internally testing Lion for months now. If they mean the final version, that’s a pretty fluid thing. GM-candidates have also been around a long time.

From what I’m hearing, there are still some major design changes being fully fleshed out. And while we’ll definitely see Lion at WWDC, July might be a more reasonable timeframe for it to be fully on the prowl.

Considering the Mac App Store is the way they’re distributing OS X Lion developer builds, I’ll give this a big: no shit.

Looking at their mocked-up screenshot though, I am curious as to how quickly Snow Leopard users will upgrade. I’m guessing much faster than if they had to go buy the disc at a store.

And I wonder what the price will be? Given how much Apple has shaved off software like Aperture and soon Final Cut, I’d bet Lion will be pretty cheap. Perhaps the same $30 price as Snow Leopard?

Subtle changes make sense, but what’s with the return of fixed scroll bars? I loved the removal of them (they would appear only when scrolling to give a sense of place — like in iOS). Strip away the chrome and just leave the content.

Update: Reading the MacRumors comments, it looks like it still may be a user-defined option. (And MacRumors deleted that section of the post without saying anything.) Phew! Cooler is that it’s now set depending on the input device you’re using!