Ben Thompson:

In other words, instead of alleviating the problems facing PCs – no reason to buy – Windows 8′s increased complexity added a reason not to buy. That was certainly the case in my family: in early 2013, when my father asked me for advice on a Windows computer, I found myself advising him to seek out Windows 7. Were he to have had a suitable computer, I likely would have advised him to do nothing at all.

Good to see the shitshow I called right before the Windows 8 launch is now becoming crystal clear to everyone.

2014 May Be The Last Year I Ever Buy A Computer

I’m not entirely sure how many different computers I’ve owned throughout the years, but I know it’s a lot. More than a dozen. Maybe two dozen? Right now I own an iMac (with a second monitor on my desk), a Retina MacBook Pro (my main personal machine), and a MacBook Air (my work machine).

Yes, that alone is ridiculous. But it’s even more ridiculous when you throw in all the various iDevices (and a couple Android devices) I own as well. I feel the urge to streamline. But I’m not quite ready to just yet. I think I’m going to buy one more computer this year. And I have a suspicion that this may be the last year I ever do that.

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Ian Sherr for WSJ citing the latest numbers from IDC:

Worldwide shipments of personal computers fell 13.9% in the first quarter, according to market researcher IDC, in the biggest decline since the firm began issuing quarterly numbers in 1994.


Indeed, IDC said that Windows 8 hasn’t only failed to spur more PC demand but has actually exacerbated the slowdown—confusing consumers with features that don’t excel in a tablet mode and compromise the traditional PC experience.

Wait. “Compromise”? What happened to “no compromise”?

Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc on the Windows Blog almost exactly one year ago:

All editions of Windows 8 offer a no-compromise experience.

I’m confused.

Actually, no, I’m not.