As opposed to the hulking PS4, this thing actually looks sort of interesting. And at $100, it’s priced to move. The fact that all Vita games won’t be compatible seems like a red flag. As does the fact that the Vita wasn’t selling well to begin with (suggesting the games aren’t that great).

I still like Apple’s position here whenever they decide to make their move.

But the craziest PlayStation news of the day may be that Sony is pushing the Japanese launch of the PS4 for several months to focus on the U.S. Remember when the consoles used to come out in Japan months ahead of the U.S.? Things change. 

Why do you care?

Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, to Luke Plunkett of Kotaku when he dared to ask where the actual PS 4 was at the PS4 event today.

Plunkett’s wording indicates that Yoshida was joking with such a comment, but the “real” answer isn’t much better:

We really wanted to explain what we’ve done with the DualShock 4, but as far as the system itself we have to keep something new for later. Otherwise you’d get bored.

Such a strong start for Sony…