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First proposed in 1993 by computer scientist Charles Bennett of IBM in New York and his colleagues, quantum teleportation earned its sensational name because, “like something out of Star Trek”, says Chen, it allows all information about a quantum object to be scanned in one location and then recreated in a new place. The key is entanglement: because operations carried out on one of the entangled particles affect the state of its partner, no matter how far away it is, the two objects can be manipulated to act like two ends of a quantum telephone line, transmitting quantum information between two widely separated locations.

Data teleportation: The quantum space race : Nature News & Comment

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This is a pretty weird and amazing concept.

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I know way more about entanglement than I care to admit. Or maybe I care to admit way more than I could possibly know. But it really is fascinating. It’s the closest thing we have to actual magic.