#retina ipad mini

Continuing on, Brian Klug of AnandTech believes there is a new chip in the “new” Apple TV, and that it’s a smaller variant of the A5X chip used in the iPad 3 (the first retina iPad):

I should note that S5L8945 is the original 45nm Samsung produced A5X, S5L8947 is the A5XR2 that is in this unannounced Apple TV. Note that previously the A5 underwent a similar plus 2 offset, from S5L8940 (A5) to S5L8942 (A5R2) which changed process geometry from 45nm to 32nm HK-MG at Samsung. It’s possible we’re also looking at a process node change with the A5X to A5XR2 here.

This leads Marco Arment to guess that this is a test of the chip that will power a retina iPad mini later this year…