They’re feeling confident. … There’s going to be a few years of pain for the rest of the industry, and Dell is going to provide it.

Patrick Moorhead, head of Moor Insights and Strategy, who attended a recent gathering of analysts to hear the new vision for the (presumably) soon-to-be-private Dell.

Dell is going back on the offensive. And if I were a PC or server-maker, these statements would scare the shit out of me.

Scott Weiss of Andreessen Horowitz:

Well, it’s a good thing all of these companies also play a big part in the $55B server market — that’s not going away anytime soon, right? The worst days are over and hopefully their collective market caps will recover? Not so fast…

Very smart post. When you say the PC business is dying, so many are quick to jump on the “yeah, but the server business is robust!” bandwagon. It is. But not for long for most of the incumbents. Maybe all of them. This is what happens. In every industry. Change.