John Gruber:

Which brings me to one of my favorite details in the original Mac, one which persisted through Mac OS 9: the Finder’s Special menu. The File menu was for commands pertaining to files. Edit for editing. View for view options. All commands neatly organized into three simple, obvious menus.

“Special” was a stroke of genius. Two of its four items were dangerous (and Empty Trash, originally, didn’t prompt for confirmation), and “Special” seems like as friendly a way as possible to cue the user to be a little careful in this menu. But more than serving as an apt categorization of the menu items it contained, “Special” served a higher purpose — an apt description of the Macintosh in its entirety.

While I may not have been a Mac user until relatively late, the “Special” menu was something that always stuck out to me as being pretty great. When I was a kid at the computer lab at school, I recall clicking on that menu just to see what could possibly be inside. Somehow, after all these years, that stuck with me.