#steve case

Nice NYT Q&A with Steve Case by Adam Bryant. On the topic of “what he would have done differently” after the AOL/Time Warner merger:

One would be that if we’d brought these companies together — and I say this somewhat in jest, but it makes a point — we should have fired the top 50 executives, myself included, and hired 50 new executives who brought new perspectives and could look at this through the focus on the future, not in the rearview mirror. It would have done better. There is a reason why that happens whenever a new president is elected. They bring in an entirely new team to get behind their vision and execute that vision. If it were the same 50 people from the prior administration being asked to implement new policies for the new president, it would not work.

An interesting way to think about a mega-merger: combine the assets and get new blood in there to run it.