Dave McNary:

Warner Bros. Pictures has cast Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and Jeremy Irons will play Alfred in the upcoming Superman-Batman film.

The castings, announced Friday, come two weeks after Warner pushed production on the untitled Superman-Batman movie to the second quarter of this year and set a release date of May 6, 2016 as the studio departed from a July, 2015 slot.

Jeremy Irons seems perfectly suitable, though it will be awfully hard to replace Michael Caine. Jesse Eisenberg seems to be a very odd choice. I’ve never seen him play anything other than Jesse Eisenberg (including when he played Mark Zuckerberg).

Still, perhaps there’s a Heath Ledger/Joker transformation that can happen here. But this whole film is shaping up so strangely.

Justin Kroll:

Directed by “Man of Steel” filmmaker Zack Snyder, the Batman-Superman feature will open worldwide on July 17, 2015, with Henry Cavill, Amy Adams and Diane Lane reprising their roles.

I just don’t get it — from Affleck’s perspective. He’s turned out be an excellent director (and producer). He’s achieved what most actors aspire to be. He’s become Batman. And now he wants to go back to playing Robin

I’d be more excited if Affleck was directing the film with Christian Bale reprising his role. I know he said he’s done, but at $ome point, you have to li$ten.

Adam Rogers on how Marvel was able to pull off the amazing feat of tying its films together, and how DC is unlikely going to be able to do the same:

DC declined to participate in this story, and representatives wouldn’t say who, if anyone, was overseeing the broader DC cinematic universe to come. The company has announced that after Snyder’s Batman-Superman movie, it’ll make one about the Flash, and then Justice League. The Flash is also slated to appear on the CW television series Arrow, though DC hasn’t said whether it’ll be the same version of character. And since Christian Bale has said he won’t play Batman again, the movie seems likely to be a reboot, especially because Snyder seems to be taking his inspiration from the dystopian future Batman comic The Dark Knight Returns, where a sixtysomething Batman comes out of retirement and ultimately fights Superman. That’s the kind of team-up that could make joining the Justice League together awkward.

They badly need their own Kevin Feige, and it seems unlikely that Zack Snyder will be the guy.




Superman/Batman 2015: What DailyDCU.com Would Do

Are you listening Warner Bros? Good. Here’s how to handle this story: Bruce Wayne (played by Christian Bale, and you pay him ALL the money to return) is having tea in Europe with Selena and Alfred. Bruce quickly becomes distracted by the television and the report on Superman and what just happened in Metropolis (basically the end of Man of Steel). Alfred says something like “You picked a good time to retire, looks like this bloke can handle any crimes you…” then, a grainy video from a phone shows Superman…SPOILER ALERT…break Zod’s neck. Bruce is stunned. He would never kill. The Dark Knight returns to stop this Man of Steel. What happens then? Special effects, misunderstandings, moral lessons, Nightwing, and Lex Luthor. Boom: Superman/Batman makes a billion plus dollars.


I must stand firmly with my friends at Daily DCU. They know what’s best.

Sounds pretty great to me. A way to salvage an otherwise ho-hum Man of Steel.

Though I highly doubt Bale would return - no matter the money. Hope I’m wrong.

Christopher MacManus:

In the future, we might be able to save our history to a glass storage medium that could potentially outlive humankind. The new type of memory also touts mind-blowing specifications, such as 360TB per disc data capacity and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures up to 1,832 Fahrenheit.

By harnessing the power of a speedy femtosecond laser, researchers successfully wrote and read 300KB of data to an everlasting medium that consists of self-assembled nanostructures within fused quartz. Think of it as a real-life version of the memory crystals seen in the old “Superman” movies.

Dave Itzkoff talks with director Zack Snyder about his upcoming Superman film:

What drew Mr. Snyder in as he first read the “Man of Steel” script (while Mr. Nolan and his wife and producing partner, Emma Thomas, waited in his driveway) was a vision of the character that felt both classical and contemporary. On the one hand, Mr. Snyder suggested that for Clark Kent to be fully fleshed out, not every moment in his maturation needed to be depicted.

“We assume that Clark is not a virgin — I do,” he said. ” You don’t see that, but that’s the assumption.”

I love the notion of Snyder telling Christopher Nolan and his producer (also Nolan’s wife) to “wait in the car” while he goes to read a script. 

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