Jo Best of ZDNet looks at Nokia’s Windows Phone and remaining Symbian devices versus the low-end Series 40 and Series 30 devices:

After all, unlike the smartphone segment, there are still battles to be fought and won for Nokia in the mid and low-end. Nokia’s Windows Phone and Symbian ranges may have an average selling price of €186, bringing in €1.2bn in sales, it’s still small fry compared to S40 and its lower-end cousin S30. Devices on the platforms manage an average selling price of a mere €31, but when Nokia is shifting around 80 million of them in the last quarter, that’s €2.5bn of sales – double what those fancy Windows Phones bring in.

How poorly is Windows Phone doing for Nokia? So poorly that not only are S40 and S30 phones outselling their (true) smartphone brethren, they’re bringing in double the money.

Best’s parallels between Nokia with Symbian competing in the high-end of the mobile market versus Nokia with S40 and S30 in the low-end of the market is interesting as well. Android. Is. Coming.