Tom Warren for The Verge:

Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet, due on February 9th, will have a smaller amount of storage space than expected. A company spokesperson has confirmed to The Verge that the 64GB edition of Surface Pro will have 23GB of free storage out of the box. The 128GB model will have 83GB of free storage. It appears that the Windows 8 install, built-in apps, and a recovery partition will make up the 41GB total on the base Surface Pro model.

Hope you like Windows on your Surface Pro tablet, because that’s basically all you can get on it.

This just in: it’s really hard to make a tablet that’s even halfway decent on the cheap. Reports The Verge:

Google’s first foray into the tablet market with a co-branded Android device won’t be with us until July at the earliest. The current design was ready to go for May, but Google pushed back the planned release so it could tweak the device, sources close to the project said on Friday.

The Mountain View team plans to make some design changes and hopes to lower the price from the current $249.

Rumor is that if Google delays it until 2015, they should be able to get the price down further. (Unless Apple still has the component market on lockdown, that is.)

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