When you see plane crash footage, you can’t help but think about dying in a plane crash. And when you have friends who are VCs, you can’t help but think about how you’d do as a VC. But I think I’m happier doing what I do now.

Techmeme founder Gabe Rivera, when asked by Megan Rose Dickey if he ever wants to be a VC.

Overall, good interview about how Techmeme works and were it may be headed.

A comprehensive list. I can only think of two other obvious things that always seem to hit Techmeme.

1) Contrarian views. Sometimes these are great as a counterpoint to an article already on Techmeme. Other times these are god-awful nonsense simply written to drive pageviews and get Techmeme headlines.

2) Write a post that mentions Techmeme. The more often you mention Techmeme, the better. And make all the mentions hyperlinked.

Just Win, Baby

The biggest challenge I faced as a tech blogger was a simple one: motivation. By that, I don’t mean that it was hard to write — it never was. But towards the end, it was getting hard to get excited to write on a daily basis. I needed to be driven. That’s when I’m at my best.

Tech blogging is a game. Most of those still doing it probably won’t admit it, but it is. That’s the only way you can think about it if you aim to be the best. Competition pushes everyone. With blogging, as with all things, you have to be in it to win it.

Now, there are several ways to play this game. And there are different standards of winning. At first, when I was a no-name blogger writing on my own, my goal was simply to get recognized. When I achieved that, my goal had to switch. So it became writing the best headlines. Then it became being more prolific than anyone else. Then it was getting to the top of Google News. Then it was owning certain areas of coverage (location, etc). Then it was writing long “thought” pieces while retaining readership. 

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