#terrelle pryor

No surprise there.

They’re saying now he may have taken up to $40K for signing memorabilia over the past few years. That’s on top of the cars and whatever else he was doing. All under resigned-but-should-have-been-fired coach Jim Tressel. Who of course knew everything that was going on yet said nothing and then lied about it.

Oh, and he let Pryor and other players now suspended play in their bowl game last year. A game which they barely won thanks to Pryor’s 336 total yards.

Ohio State AD should be the next to go. Then the school President. 

The only real question is just how big of an example the NCAA makes of Ohio State? Worse than USC? If so, seasons will be erased, scholarships taken, and no more bowl games for quite some time. 

In the morning he would read the Bible with another coach. Then, in the afternoon, he would go out and cheat kids who had probably saved up money from mowing lawns to buy those raffle tickets. That’s Jim Tressel.

A former Tressel colleague on the coach

Tressel has already resigned (which is a disgrace — he should have been fired).

Ohio State AD Gene Smith should be fired.

And star QB Terrelle Pryor, already suspended for the first five games next year, is probably done for good as well

What a shitshow.