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Suzanne Vranica:

Samsung gave ABC smartphones to use during the broadcast and was promised its devices would get airtime, these people said. At least one of the product plugs was planned: during the “red carpet” preshow, ABC ran a clip of six aspiring young filmmakers touring Disney Studios. The group were seen in the video using Samsung devices.

The origin of the “selfie” shot was a little different. Ms. DeGeneres, in the days leading up to the broadcast, decided she wanted to take “selfies” during the show and ABC suggested she use a Samsung since it was a sponsor, another person familiar with the matter said.


Better yet:

During rehearsals Samsung executives trained Ms. DeGeneres on how to use the Samsung Galaxy, two people familiar with the matter said.


And the kicker:

The Samsung stunt didn’t come off without a hitch: many people were quick to note on Twitter that the Oscar host was also tweeting during the evening with rival Apple’s iPhone.

Backstage, of course.

taylorishere asked:

Regarding the Oscars (I have family that have worked on that and shows of the like for many years) - the thing to remember about all of these shows is ratings. Just like American Idol, Real Housewives, and Fox News: the objective is to drive views and advertising. Handing out statues is just a secondary goal. The primary goal is viewing marketshare. Do you think the show succeeded in doing that?

It’s a fair and good point. And yes, it was insanely successful in that regard. I’m simply talking about my personal preference, of course. I worry about the Oscars becoming yet another award show I just refuse to watch.

Oscars, The Grouch

I hate almost all awards shows.1 The one exception has always been the Academy Awards.

I’ve watched the Oscars every year for as long as I can remember. To those who know me as a movie buff, this shouldn’t be surprising. Still, I can’t stand the Golden Globes or that various other pageants you can find on random television stations during awards season. But the Academy Awards always seemed special to me. Beyond reproach.

But I fear I’m starting to lose that loving feeling.

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