#to catch a thief

Stephen Marche:

On Sunday morning, a thief managed to steal an estimated $136 million worth of jewelry from the Carlton Intercontinental Hotel on the Promenade de la Croisette in Cannes, France, one of the biggest heists ever. That particular hotel is an appropriately filmic location. The Carlton is a setting of that most elegant of heist movies, Alfred Hitchcock’s To Catch a Thief. The gang that’s almost certainly responsible for the heist is known as the Pink Panthers, and they have been working up to To Catch a Thief through lesser movies for nearly two decades now. They were originally dubbed the Pink Panthers when Scotland Yard discovered a blue diamond they had stolen kept in a jar of face cream, just like in The Return of the Pink Panther. Members have also robbed jewelry stores without masks, never to be seen again, leading some to assume that they have managed to produce Mission Impossible-style facial prosthetics. In other words, they’re just like the rest of us: trying to fit into the image of themselves created by the movies.

Life imitating art.