On the topic of True Detective, the scene above is a good example of why the show is so amazing. It’s not really a spoiler, but I suggest you wait to watch it if you haven’t seen episode 3 already. Because it’s so much more effective in context.

Beyond Matthew McConaughey giving what is perhaps his best performance to date (including the film for which he’ll likely win an Oscar), the entire sequence is a great set up to the payoff. And it’s largely because of the score.

This is not uncommon in cinema, but I have a hard time remembering a television show that uses a score so effectively. This is Darren Aronofsky and Christopher Nolan territory. It’s absolutely haunting.

I like to debate which television shows have the best opening credit sequences from time to time. Currently, I love Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones — which are basically the opposite of one another. But I now have to throw True Detective into the mix as well.1

SO well done. Amazing song. Better visuals. I would watch the show just to watch this opening each week.

  1. Incidentally, by the same team that did the Game of Thrones opening. 

"It’s sort of like sediment of rocks. You’re building up a mountain and you get to contribute your little layer of sedimentary rock to make the mountain that much higher. But no one on the surface, unless they have X-ray vision, will see your sediment. They’ll stand on it. It’ll be appreciated by that rare geologist."

[via @dflieb]