#windows blue

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes for ZDNet on the world’s greatest shitshow:

Many PC OEMs are dissatisfied with what Microsoft has done with Windows 8 and the way the company has handled the negative response to the operating system. Privately, one OEM source told me that Microsoft is “destroying” the PC industry, while another claimed that Windows 8 has “handed over millions of customers to Apple.”

I also like Kingsley-Hughes’ use of the term “U-turn” with regard to Windows 8.1. Seems appropriate. Slightly less snarky than, Windows 8: Compromise Edition.

Mary Jo Foley for ZDNet:

Reports from a couple of different forums from this past weekend raised the possibility that Microsoft might be moving toward allowing users to skip booting into the Metro-Style Start menu and instead start their PCs in desktop mode. (Winbeta.org noted the thread about this on April 14.)

One of my sources confirmed this is now looking like the plan and added that Microsoft is also considering bringing back the Start button as an option with Windows Blue.

No compromise.

Mary Jo Foley for ZDNet on “Windows Blue”, the first major upgrade to Windows 8 (yes, they’re going to update Windows 8 already):

According to one of the screen shot leakers, the WZor team (via Winaero.com), there’s a rumor that Windows Blue is based on Windows 6.3. I’m hearing from one of my sources that this information is correct. It’s version 6.3 for the same reason Windows 7 was version 6.1: It’s the version number reported to apps when they query the new platform so that apps know they are running on a new Windows release.

Windows Blue is believed to be the first of a number of annual operating system updates to Windows 8. There also is a Windows Phone Blue in the works that is expected to have the same core code as Windows Blue. (But, just like the Windows Phone 8 operating system, which was version 8.0, the Windows Phone Blue core build number will likely be something different from Windows 6.3.)

So Windows Blue is actually Windows 6.3. Windows 7 was Windows 6.1. Windows Phone 8 is version 8.0. This is all just so perfectly Microsoft. As if the consumer branding wasn’t bad enough, the internal numerical scheme is a clusterfuck as well.