#windows phone 7

Paul Thurrott:

Today, almost exactly one month after the Windows Phone 8 release and over 5 months after it was announced, Microsoft has never really publicly discussed Windows Phone 7.8 again nor has it hinted at when it might be released.

The fact that no Windows Phone 7 devices could be upgraded to Windows Phone 8 was the equivalent of throwing a flaming bag of shit on the doorstep of those users. The fact that they still can’t update ā€” as promised ā€” to at least some of those features is the equivalent of making those users eat said shit.

Nice quick walkthrough by Greg and Evelyn.

The little I’ve played around with Windows Phone 7, I think it definitely has potential. Whether that means anything, of course, remains to be seen.

I like that it’s not just a straight up copy of the iPhone in terms of interface. I think that really hurts Android. Android, even after all its improvements, is still nowhere near iOS in terms of about a billion little interface things. And because their basic frames are the same, the shortcomings are apparent to anyone who uses both.

WP7 is going in another direction. It might fail, but at least they’re being original and trying new things. Things that we may see iPhone and Android copy.