#wwdc '14

John Gruber:

New Apple didn’t need a reset. New Apple needed to grow up. To stop behaving like an insular underdog on the margins and start acting like the industry leader and cultural force it so clearly has become.

Apple has never been more successful, powerful, and influential than it is today. They’ve thus never been in a better position to succumb to their worst instincts and act imperiously and capriciously.

Instead, they’ve begun to act more magnanimously.

100% agree. And I think part of the reason why it took Apple so long to come around here was that their recent success has happened so quickly. Just a decade ago, Apple stock was the adjusted equivalent of $2/share. Revenues that quarter were $2 billion. Profit was $106 million.

Apple’s profit last quarter was just over $10 billion — yes, their profit is now 5x the amount of revenue they made a decade ago. The profit is up 100x. That’s insane.

In that span, Apple has gone from the Mac company, to the iPod company, to the iPhone company. And they have a nice little side business in the iPad which is larger than the Mac or iPod ever were. 

It can be hard to grow into such rapid success. What do you do when you’re no longer the underdog? You can either still act like you’re the underdog, or you can grow up. Apple is now growing up.