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Chris Kohler has a good post on the end of an era (that era being the last generation of gaming consoles). Humorously, looking back revealed this tidbit:

“Imagine players slapping down $.99 to buy a one-of-a-kind, fully tricked-out racing car to be the envy of their buddies,” Microsoft wrote in a 2005 press release. In Forza Motorsport 5 for the Xbox One, you can slap down cash to buy a fully tricked-out car, but it costs ninety-nine dollars.

That’s an increase slightly higher than the rate of inflation, I imagine. Welcome to the next generation of gaming, folks!

Todd Bishop:

Apple sold 1.3 million Apple TV devices during the June quarter, an increase of 170 percent over the same quarter a year ago.

That still qualifies as a “hobby,” according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, who disclosed the number in response to an analyst’s question on the company’s earnings conference call. But here’s an interesting data point: Microsoft sold 1.1 million Xbox 360s worldwide during the same time period.

While Apple didn’t mention the Apple TV in their earnings release (and they have never broken it out into its own category), Cook did reveal the number when asked during the Q&A today. He was clearly pleased with the number, but also downplayed it quite a bit. But this context is pretty telling. Not only is it now outselling the Xbox 360, the Xbox 360 is the best-selling gaming console.

When — yes, when — Apple adds apps to this thing, wonder what will happen… If they added them tomorrow, the Apple TV would instantly be the number one gaming console. Think about that for a second.

(via John Gruber)

Nathan Ingraham on the new Paramount app for Xbox:

As with most of the other Xbox 360 media-playing apps, you’ll need an Xbox Live Gold membership, and you’ll also need to get Paramount and UltraViolet accounts set up (if you’re planning to purchase). Of course, the movies are still quite pricey (most films are $19.99 for the HD version, though rental prices are a bit more in-line with the rest of the market), and the app won’t play any UltraViolet movies you may have purchased from other studios. You also can’t buy or rent anything directly from the app itself — you’ll have to do all of that on your computer. 

Sounds wonderful. I’m confused — do studios think that people care which studio the films they watch came from? Why would anyone use this app over Xbox’s built-in movie store? Why would anyone use this, period?

And man oh man is UltraViolet a turd.

For $99 you’ll get an Xbox 360 plus the Kinect and an Xbox Live Gold account provided you pay $15 a month for the next two years, as Tom Warren scoops for The Verge.

This seems like a pretty smart move by Microsoft — even though basic math shows that the current full-price Xbox 360 + Xbox Live subscription is a better deal. People are going to look at this and think: “Oh! $99 Xbox 360 plus Kinect! In!”

It’s the phone carrier subsidy model. 

Too bad it’s only in Microsoft Stores. Or maybe that’s part of the point too?